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IControlIT is a Saas platform for managing contracts, invoices, inventory, expenses, orders, payments, and assets for IT and Telecom centralized in a single interface. It was developed to help IT and Telecom managers to work smarter while optimizing resources, controlling expenses, bringing visibility, and simplifying management.


Get full visibility into your Telecom and IT inventory so that you can make decisions based on consistent reporting and grow in a conscious manner.

Contract Optimization

Get management reports easily, with all the information you need, pay your bills without interest or penalties and save money, and rely on the support of K2A experts to achieve your goals and objectives.


Automation of recurring tasks, configurable alerts, parameterization of approval flows, and key actions. A simple and friendly tool for area managers and users to monitor individual and team expenses.

Order Management

It streamlines, controls and manages IT and Telecom requests for your company’s internal demands, allowing all requests for changes or acquisitions to be easily located and monitored.

It also simplifies the process of requesting laptops, software licenses, devices and SIM cards, data link and all resources covered by IT and Telecom management, as well as controlling inventories and guaranteeing the quality of service to the end user. Through iControlIT, it is possible for end users to request assets and monitor the negotiations, allowing for greater efficiency in the approval flow.

Invoice Management

It automates and simplifies the process of receiving, allocating, and paying invoices. It avoids delays that may generate unwanted costs with fines and interest, in addition to interruption of services.

Companies without management and with a high volume of invoices may be spending up to 30% of their IT and Telecom costs just on fines and interest, not to mention losses due to interruption of services.

All invoices are available in one place, regardless of format or if they are manually uploaded, scanned, or imported directly from the suppliers’ system. Additionally, all automation is integrated, ensuring that all financial information is aligned with your accounting codes, cost centers, and HR systems.

Inventory Management

It controls all Telecom and IT solutions in real time, bringing visibility at a managerial and analytical level and listing information from users, devices, lines, extensions, licenses, cost centers, and various other relevant data.

The inventory is the starting point for successful management and cost reduction. We have already found companies that avoided spending over 1 million a year just by controlling their inventories.

Expense Management

It analyzes and organize telecom e IT expenses, providing visibility thru Power BI, control and accountability across your business

Eliminate inconsistencies in charges, adjustments, unused resources, and many other inconsistencies that, when treated, generate significant results in performance and costs reductions in Telecom and IT.

When talking about Telecom and IT assets, many variables need to be managed and evaluated, as well as usage behavior and demand. It is common for companies to have contracted services with above or below what is actually used, which may generate extra charges or even unnecessary costs, as well as preventing the detection of opportunities to guide users, with a direct impact on expenses.

Contract Management

It centralizes all the contracts of your IT and Telecom providers at a detailed level, including the Multi-Contract feature for a single supplier.

Based on the information, it is possible to anticipate and renegotiate contracts, enabling more assertive negotiations.

Payment Management

It receives, validates, registers and directs all invoices in the ERP or according to each company’s process and monitors the payment processes.

Process failures and non-payment can generate significant financial losses, whether due to fines and interest, or service cancellation.

iControlIT simplifies payment management:

  • Centralizes invoices in a single point:
  • Triggers alerts on the platform and thru e-mails;
  • Sends management e-mails for process control, from start to finish;
  • Generates graphical reports and KPIs;
  • Controls receipts and launches;
  • View of payments with their history.

Asset Management

It allows you to monitor the lifecycle of all hardware purchased by the company, as well as services added to them.

IT and Telecom assets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desk phones, desktop computers and monitors, and many more can now be managed in one place.

Telecom and IT assets have a range of associated costs according to the need for use within the company.