A unique platform to manage contracts, reduce costs, audit invoices, improve inventory for IT and Telecom

iControlIT is a solution designed to simplify, manage and optimize your IT and Telecom contracts, invoices, orders, expenses and inventories. By using data intelligence, the tool offers short-term, assertive results.

All contracts managed in one place

Streamlines, controls and manages internal Telecom and IT orders

Automates and simplifies the process of receiving, allocating and paying invoices

Allows you to monitor the lifecycle of all assets and hardware purchased

Controls all Telecom and IT resources in real time

Analyzes and manages usage and consumption costs of Telecom and IT contracts

Automating and integrating the entire payment process


(Enterprise Mobility Management )

A fully integrated mobile device lifecycle management with industry-leading tools. With the mobility management service, you will have a 360-degree view of your device park.



A single platform for Contract, Expense Control, and Assets/Inventory for Telecom and IT.

Contract Optimization

Complete advisory services for renegotiating Telecom and IT contracts, with a focus on cost reduction and SLA improvements.

EMM - Enterprise Mobility Management

Your entire inventory of mobile devices managed in one place, bringing security, agility, and information.

Invoice Audit

Analysis of invoices and contracts from the last 3 to 5 years, challenging undue amounts, with regulatory, systemic and operational support.