Burger King

U.S. company in the fast food industry, operating in Brazil since 2004 and with more than 850 units spread across the country

When hired by this client, our goal was to optimize Telecom and IT resources to improve the management of contracts and assets/inventory.

We mapped the entire infrastructure and analyzed needs and inconsistencies, as well as the entire asset/inventory, account and contract management process. After this initial step, we proceeded to the execution, which comprised by:

  1. Technical upgrades in mobile data plans and discontinuation of the purchase of mobile devices with lines; optimization of the mobile contract
  2. Optimization of the entire data network;
  3. Support for the redesign of the Data Center and Cloud solution;
  4. Improved governance and management of invoices and contracts.

The average reduction in expenses reached across contracts was 40%. Additionally, we implemented our TEM plataform, iControlIT,  to manage all contracts and mobile inventory.

“K2A provided a service to reduce Telecom and IT costs, both for our headquarters and for all Burger King and Popeyes stores. This work provided a reduction of 35-45% in the baseline of Telecommunications and IT services over the costs previously practiced. We also hired the iControlIT platform (SaaS) to assist us in management our Contracts.”

Fernando Schneider


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