Bain &amp Company

Bain & Company is a leading global consulting firm specializing in supporting large companies in their strategic planning. It has been based in Brazil since 1997.

With K2A’s specialized project team, it has been possible to map the entire infrastructure of the client and deliver the following improvements:

  1. Identification of several services hired and not used in fixed systems and data network;
  2. Unification of Operators, reducing operational work and cost control;
  3. Technical upgrades on mobile data plans;
  4. Improved governance and management of accounts and contracts;
  5. Deployment of the iControlIT system in Brazil and a few offices in South America.

The Project delivered a 58% reduction in the general Telecom baseline in the first round (2018), followed by a 29% reduction in the general Telecom baseline in the second round (2021), with the hiring of our TEM team to deploy our contract management system and cost and asset control for Telecom – iControlIT.

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